3 Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

This could be the year that you not only get a beautiful smile, but a smile that feels fantastic and functions optimally. A denture that looks great and fits perfectly is the closest feeling to having natural teeth, and can be achieved with the assistance of dental implants. Once considered the solution for replacing a single missing tooth, advances in technology and application allows patients who are missing all their teeth regain a youthful appearance and effective chewing system. There are many benefits that come with an implant-supported denture, this article highlights three benefits that everyone can appreciate.

Stabilizes The Denture To Improve Speech and Function

You might love your denture until it’s time to chew food or give that important work presentation, when your denture decides to move around and make you feel like it’s about to fall out of your mouth! This lack of stability is eliminated when a denture is supported by implants, because the denture is attached to the implants rather than balancing on bone and gum tissue that shrinks over time. Attachment to implants creates a stable foundation which translates to superior chewing and enhanced tongue resistance when it comes to speech.

Better Taste and Temperature Sensation

A traditional upper denture covers the palate and is designed to create on suction of the denture and hold it in place. However, this  an individual’s ability to fully taste food and experience full sensation of temperature and textures. For many, the lack of taste and sensation can take the fun out of mealtimes, which is hard to fix with a traditional denture. When a denture is made to attach to implants, it is shaped like a horseshoe, which means the center palatal area remains open, allowing the palate to remain uncovered and therefore able to take in taste and textures. This makes eating not only efficient, but fun again as well.

Time to Throw out Denture Adhesives

Sometimes the denture needs a little extra help staying in place, and denture adhesives are designed to create added suction to ensure that the appliance doesn’t move while in use. Though not a huge inconvenience to patients who are used to purchasing and applying adhesives, the freedom experienced when goopy gels and creams are no longer needed is a definite benefit, especially when it comes to traveling and spontaneous overnight visits.

Implant-supported dentures not only provide superior fit and comfort, they give a stable foundation for a beautiful smile that looks great and functions well.

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