Implant Denture Solutions

If you have lost multiple teeth, a dental prosthesis constructed over Titanium Dental Implants can provide excellent support and long term stability for your bite. Titanium Dental Implants bond with your bone via a process known as osseo-integration, which may stop or slow down any further bone loss in your jaws.

Whether it’s All-on-4® Implant System by Nobel Biocare, The Straumann® Dental implant System, CAMLOG® Implant System by Henry Schein, ANKYLOS® Implant System by DENTSPLY, 3M™ ESPE™ MDI Mini Dental Implants or Milled Implant Bars, our team has worked on them all, ensuring that ours is one of the most experienced Calgary dental implant team around. Permanent teeth implants offer an enhanced solution for traditional denture wearers. Depending on what’s required to bring back your new smile, dental implants can support fixed replacement of several teeth or an entire denture set.


Implant Dentures – How do they work?

Titanium, the material used for manufacturing dental implants, has the unique property of being a biocompatible material. This allows a dental implant to fuse with the bone via process of osseo-integration and, just like with natural tooth root, become a good anchor for teeth replacement or a full set of dentures. For over half a century, Dental Implants have given people the experience of having their natural teeth back.

Having denture implants provides you with a multitude of options on what and how you want to replace missing teeth, thus improving your overall oral health. Dental implants radically improve your ability to eat and talk without the discomfort, slippage, and movement of standard dentures.

Dental Implants – Are they a good investment?

  • Permanent: Since Dental Implants allow permanent dentures to be fixed to your jawbone, they offer a solution that lasts a lifetime for most people with long-term costs savings.
  • Protective: It’s an established fact that Denture Implants slow down advancement of bone resorption and oral tissue loss since there is less gum irritation.
  • Attractive: If you have ever wanted a flawless smile, then a dental implant solution will help uplift your facial structures for a more youthful appearance.
  • Restorative:  Your ability to chew and taste a full range of foods, from steak to a big unsliced apple, will be restored with Teeth Implants.
  • Meaningful: You will regain your ability to speak, smile, laugh, and socialize with confidence with fully anchored implant dentures.

The Dental Implant Process

Our process always starts with a consultation to ensure that implant supported dentures or permanent dentures are right for you. Our caring and experienced Calgary denture implant specialists will to listen to your needs and concerns, and answer any and all questions you have. Prior to the dental implant procedure, our team will review your case, provide you with detailed explanations of all of your treatment options, and study your health history. Together, we discuss the solution that’s right for you. While most people are good candidates for teeth implants, there are some exceptions to this rule. Those who are viable for implants will enjoy a more carefree and comfortable lifestyle.

Your new smile journey:

  • Initial consultation and obtaining diagnostic models.
  • Requesting an X-ray or a CT scan to record every detail of your mouth.
  • Creating a custom “wax up” or “try-in” of your new smile and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Dental Implant placement procedure taking no more than a few hours to half a day.
  • Healing an Osseo-integration of Dental Implants with your natural bone and tissues (approximately 3-6 months)
  • Connecting permanent dentures or bridges in a non-surgical procedure.
  • Enjoying your new smile and easy-chewing lifestyle.

At South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic, we offer competitively priced dental implant packages and simple, accessible denture financing. You will be led through the entire experience by one of the most experienced Calgary dental implants team. Our caring and highly skilled clinic staff will ensure that this process is smooth and an implant decision is one of the best you have made for yourself and your oral and general health.

Talk to our skilled, highly trained, and competent Denture Specialists about the various Implant solutions we offer.