Partial Denture Solutions

A Removable Partial Denture is a solution that replaces some of your missing natural teeth. A removable partial denture provides you with optimum function, while eating, speaking, or laughing, which is often lost due to missing teeth.

The major advantages of having a partial denture is its ability to help strengthen the facial muscles controlling your expressions, getting rid of pronunciation problems caused by missing teeth, and aid with chewing.

We offer a variety of Partial Denture solutions, or RPDs as they are popularly known as, to restore your smile. A Removable Partial Denture will allow you to chew and talk with confidence and to maintain the stability of your bite. At South Calgary Denture & Implant Clinic, we specialize in designing various removable partial denture solutions that seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth.


Smile & Bite Restoration with a Partial Denture

  • Consultation and Oral Assessment
  • Preliminary Impressions
  • Referral to a dentist if required
  • Final Impressions & Teeth Selection
  • Establishing Bite and Facebow Registration Record (based on treatment option selected)
  • Wax Try-In
  • Processing, Finish & Polish
  • Denture Insertion & Follow-up

Benefits of Removable Partial Dentures(RPD’S)

  • Maintains proper position of surrounding teeth
  • Allows you to chew various foods
  • Effectively establish any speech issues that come with loss of natural teeth
  • Replace the missing teeth to support oral musculature
  • Minimize facial distortion
  • Maintain self-confidence by not having to appear in public without teeth
  • Maintain stability of your bite

At South Calgary Denture & Implant Clinic, we use natural looking multilayer teeth that contribute to their life-like appearance and well-known resistance to wear. These characteristics help to maintain the natural look of your smile and allows your partial denture to blend in with your remaining teeth.

A special device called an articulator is used to strategically position the teeth, as the natural space left after natural tooth loss often gets encroached by surrounding teeth. We simulate all your jaw movements in the lab on the articulator, and then confirm that we can successfully achieve these desired results in your mouth. We’ll make sure that your improved bite is not only looking good, but functionally optimally as well.

Talk to our Denture Specialists today to explore various Partial Denture Solutions with us!