Acrylic Partial Dentures

An Acrylic Partial denture, commonly known as “Dental Flipper” or a “Flipper Denture”, is typically fabricated to replace one or few teeth. While it helps to maintain natural look and function, it’s typically considered to be a temporary solution.

An acrylic partial denture uses pink acrylic as the majority material to manufacture partial denture. A few wire clasps are added to help keep the oral appliance in your mouth. The rest of the denture consists of the missing teeth that are being replaced with artificial teeth of your choice. An advantage of having an acrylic partial denture is the ability to add teeth in case of further natural tooth loss expected in near future.


An Acrylic Temporary Partial Denture is also utilized to allow tissues to heal after extraction of teeth, while a permanent solution like Cast Partial Denture or Implant solution is being worked on.

At South Calgary Denture & Implant Clinic, our Denture Specialists hand-place custom-designed tooth onto the acrylic partial denture for optimally completing your smile and maintaining your bite.

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