Complete Denture Solutions

The loss of your natural teeth can often be a disability to your overall health. With a Complete Denture Solution, you are able to restore your chewing ability, aesthetics, and overall quality of life.

We offer various complete denture solutions based on your requirements, the condition of your remaining oral tissues, personal preference, and affordability. The treatment options available can vary from custom made Personalized Precision and Implant Retained Dentures, which are our most popular denture options, to Standard Complete Dentures for more average value jaws.


Start Your Improved Bite & Teeth Journey

Creating your improved bite and new dentures begins with an in-office consultation, where we discuss your dental needs and try to understand your expectations from a new set of dentures. We thoroughly examine your oral tissues to make sure they are healthy and ready for your new and improved denture. We fully understand the importance of building dentures on healthy oral tissues, and that’s why a Velscope Intra-oral examination is an integral part of this appointment. Next, we make preliminary impressions of your mouth and complete your diagnostic records. These records allow us to have a detailed preliminary copy of your mouth, which we study and discuss in detail to find out if there are any challenges that can impact your treatment.

During the following appointment, we make final impressions using custom built trays for your mouth. These custom or special trays are single use trays built using your preliminary impression models, and allow for a precise and fine impression of your oral tissues. The advantage of doing this step is to be able to successfully obtain a precise fit and a much-improved bite with your new denture. We believe in providing all options to our patients, so you’ll play an active part in selection the color, shape, and size of your new teeth. Depending upon the treatment option selected, a Facebow registration record of your jaws is obtained to personalize your new and improved bite. You’ll get to “try-in” your new teeth to check the appearance on the next appointment. After required adjustments are made, your full dentures are processed using the latest and most advanced processing system available in the industry. As acrylic is injected under continuous heat and injection moulding pressure, it produces dentures that are comfortable and functional and without the shrinkage and warping that occurs under regular processing.

  • Step 1Consultation and Oral Assessment
  • Step 2Preliminary Impressions
  • Step 3Final Impressions & Teeth Selection
  • Step 4Establishing Bite and Facebow Registration
  • Step 5Denture Wax Try-In
  • Step 6Denture Insertion & Follow-up

Advantages of Complete Dentures

  • Improved ability to chew
  • Improved ability to talk
  • Facial structure support
  • More youthful appearance
  • Expand the number of foods you can comfortably eat


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