Immediate Surgical Dentures

An Immediate Denture is a denture inserted on the same day, directly following the removal of your natural teeth.

Immediate dentures are constructed before your teeth are extracted and are inserted the very same day as extractions. Immediate dentures allow you to continue to eat, smile, and return to work more promptly. They also protect the oral tissue, minimize bleeding, and promote healing.


The construction process generally involves making impressions and obtaining bite registration before your natural teeth are extracted. On the models obtained, our Denture Specialists carefully grind off one tooth at a time and replace it with artificial teeth in our lab. Immediate dentures may be the right solution for you if you are getting your remaining natural teeth extracted.

Benefits of Immediate Surgical Dentures

  • Replace the missing teeth to support oral musculature
  • Reduce post-surgical swelling
  • Act as a band aid to protect tissues and reduce bleeding
  • Allows you to establish your speech patterns early
  • Allows you to chew better once swelling subsides
  • Minimize facial distortion
  • Maintain self-confidence by not having to appear in public without teeth

Because of the changes that will take place in the shape of the jaws during and after healing is complete, immediate dentures often require tissue conditioners to keep up with the natural remodeling of the jaw bone that happens after extraction. This soft tissue reline material is changed to a permanent reline once the jaw bone has reached a stable stage.

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