Personalized Precision Dentures

We all know no two snowflakes are alike, and neither are our jaws and smiles. A Personalized Precision Denture solution offers personalized smile using multi-layer teeth and a denture with a precise fit based on your specific jaw measurements.

Personalized Precision Dentures boasts an extraordinarily natural appearance using premium 3 to 5 layer teeth that offer highest level of impact, wear, and stain resistance. Your Personalized Precision Dentures are made using advanced techniques to measure your jaw size and to establish a proper bite. They get processed in-house using the latest and most advanced state-of-the-art IvoBase® high precision fully automated denture processing system. The denture acrylic processed using this latest technique results in a denture surface that is densely packed and most resistant to oral bacteria and staining. Personalized Precision Dentures not only last longer, they also provide you with a denture solution catered specifically to your jaw.


A Personalized Precision Denture provides you with enhanced comfort, fit, and stability, along with a very natural appearance. With this treatment option, we are able to customize your new smile as well as the shade of your gums to your liking. The high level of impact, wear, and stain resistance obtained with these dentures makes them last longer and “feel sharp” for a longer period. Since teeth are arranged in a more personalized, balanced, and precise manner, your new bite allows you to chew various foods with more confidence. While the process involves investment of lots of time by our office staff, it only adds a few additional minutes to your appointment.

The compliment we most often hear from our Personalized Precision Denture patients is, “I feel my new bite and teeth are at the right height. I am biting at the right time.”

For patients with an active lifestyle, a personalized precision denture offers a perfect blend of precise fit and great comfort.

Benefits of Personalized Precision Complete Dentures

  • A well balanced bite and longer lasting denture
  • Premium aesthetics
  • Fully personalized denture
  • Better fit & function
  • Increased chewing ability

The premium fit with these dentures affords enhanced comfort and stability, along with a natural appearance.

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