Have you lost your dentures and it’s taking forever to get a new set made? Do you have an important family or social event coming up but cannot wait for weeks to get new dentures?  Or do you simply think it’s not the best use of your time to commit to multiple back and forth visits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Dentures-in-a Day might be the right solution for you.


This is an exclusive service we provide to patients where we dedicate an entire day of our practice to work on you and you only. You are our ‘VIP client’ for that day, and everyone in our team works to make your case a success.

They are extremely life-like, comfortable, functional, and durable. These dentures are made to restore the natural look of your lips and support of your facial muscles

The result of Dentures-in-a-Day service to our clients is a finished Denture ready for insertion within 24 hours.

Call us today at 403-254-5000, to avail this “VIP-Service” and get your new set of dentures made in a single appointment.

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