3 Most Commonly Asked Denture Questions

You may have been told that you need dentures, or are contemplating getting a new appliance made. It’s common to have questions regarding denture wear, especially if you’re new to dentures and aren’t sure how they’ll look, feel, and perform. Calgary denturists are accustomed to being asked questions about dentures and how they impact a person’s oral health. We’ve picked 3 of our most commonly asked questions so that you can learn a little more about dentures and if they are the right choice for you.

Can I Keep My Dentures In 24/7 ?

Denturists understand and respect a patient’s desire to keep their dentures in round-the-clock, as they understand that being seen without teeth can knock a person’s confidence and have them hiding-out from family members. It is highly recommended that you take dentures out at bedtime, so that your gums and jaw bone get a much needed rest from supporting the appliance. Unlike natural teeth that sit in bone and gum tissue, a denture covers tissue, creating a different oral environment that can become unhealthy when gums are not given an opportunity to breathe and bone a chance to rest. Removing a denture at night not only relieves pressure, providing an opportunity for tissue to heal, but it is also the perfect time to soak the appliance and remove unwanted plaque and food buildup. Just like natural teeth, dental plaque forms on a denture, making it susceptible to odours and causing gum irritation. Removing it regularly for it to be cleaned is an essential step in keeping the appliance in good condition and enhancing oral health.

Are All Dentures The Same?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, there are plenty of options designed to meet a patient’s dental health goals. Depending on how many teeth are missing and where gaps are in the mouth, a custom treatment plan is created to ensure a person’s smile and dental health is restored. Whether it’s a partial denture that works alongside natural teeth and can be removed for cleaning or an implant supported denture that provides superior stability, there is a denture solution that best suits an individual’s needs, giving both an aesthetic and functional outcome.

How Do I Get Dentures?

Customized dentures are vital for comfort, aesthetics, and function. Making an appointment with a qualified denturist who works with various types of dentures is the first step to creating a beautiful and healthy smile. Denturists are experienced in recognizing how oral tissues respond when there is a lack of natural teeth, and what modifications have to be made to an appliance to ensure optimal fit and performance. Seeing a Calgary Denturist does not require a referral – just call today to schedule a consultation to discuss what type of denture is right for you.

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