3 Denture Care Tips that Will Keep Your Smile Looking Great

A New Year is a great time to reflect on habits, both good and bad, and to come up with a plan to be the best version of you for 2017! Here at South Calgary Denture, we think presenting a beautiful, healthy smile to the world is the perfect place to start in feeling confident about yourself and staying motivated to make your smile and overall health your best asset. Wondering how to reveal a great smile while wearing a denture? It’s easy! Here are some tips on keeping your denture looking good and your mouth feeling comfortable, so every smile is a winning smile.

Establish a Daily Care Routine

Our first tip is probably the easiest and offers the most reward when it comes to keeping a denture looking new and performing well. Creating a daily routine that maintains denture cleanliness and condition not only helps your oral health, but it also extends the life of your denture. Cleaning your denture at the end of every day is a great habit to form, as it makes sure the denture is removed from the mouth overnight — giving gums a well-earned break and enabling oral tissues to breathe and restore themselves. Of course, removing your denture every night also provides an opportunity to soak and clean the denture itself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Your Denture Wet

Dentures need moisture to prevent them from become dry and brittle. When your denture isn’t in your mouth it should be kept soaked in a denture cleaner that your denturist has recommended. You may be tempted to plunge your denture into hot water, thinking the heat will kill any unwanted germs, but the reality is that hot water can distort and warp the shape of a denture, making it uncomfortable to wear. Warm water and a suitable cleaner is all that’s needed to effectively cleanse and maintain a denture.

Visit Your Denturist Regularly

Just like natural teeth, dentures require regular checks to ensure fit and performance. Over time, our mouths change due to aging, weight loss, and changes to the jaw bone. An annual check-up is highly recommended as this gives your denturist a chance to review the health of your gums and other oral tissues and to ensure that your denture is in the best possible condition. Partial dentures that have metal attachments need a little more TLC, so don’t ignore a broken or damaged clasp as it can cause further damage to the denture.

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