3 Ways You Can Replace Missing Teeth

It’s hard to lose teeth as an adult. For one thing, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t visit us when we place a tooth under our pillow and pulling-off a gappy smile is so much harder. On the bright side, there is more than one option for replacing teeth.

Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing natural teeth, nothing quite compares to dental implants due to the fact that they are designed to perform like the root of a natural tooth. First introduced by the Mayan civilization when shells were placed in jaw bone to create a very basic implant, today’s dental implants have advanced significantly since they were first placed in a human mouth in 1965. Made from titanium; dental implants are generally very well accepted by the human body and can remain fully functional for several decades. Used to replace just a single or a full complement of teeth, dental implants are a great option for patients who would like the closest-to-nature result implants provide. Great for patients who have already lost many or all teeth, as a denture can be designed to clip on to implants – creating a strong grip and functional bite.

Partial Dentures

If having dental implants placed seems a little extreme, there are still a couple of options left for tooth replacement. A partial denture is a popular choice for patients missing one or several teeth in the same arch. Custom designed to integrate with remaining natural teeth, a partial denture can often be a great option for patients contemplating implant or bridge placement. Made to fit the uniqueness of a person’s bite, a partial denture is worth considering when only a handful of teeth are missing.

Full Dentures

The term full denture is used when a patient is missing all of either their top or bottom teeth. Probably still the most popular treatment solution for patients missing all their natural teeth, a full denture can be made to look, perform, and feel as close to the real thing. Removable, unless made to attach to implants for additional stability, a full denture does require some getting used to as it needs to be removed at bedtime and cared for in a way that both the denture and oral tissues remain healthy.

Living with missing teeth can be hard, but once you’ve chosen the right dental solution that gives you back your teeth, you’ll be smiling in no time.

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