3 Ways to Keep Your Dentures Shining Bright

You’re thrilled with your new dentures and the freedom they provide to enjoy your food and to smile with confidence. Keeping your dentures in prime condition can extend the life of the appliances and make sure they function optimally while remaining comfortable. But just like natural teeth, dentures are also a target for dental plaque and stains from highly pigmented foods. Preserving the health and beauty of your dentures involves steps similar to caring for natural teeth and provide the same rewards, such as fresh breath, a white smile, and healthy oral tissues. So how do you keep your denture looking brand new? Here are 3 easy steps that make a big difference.

  • Brush Your Denture

Whether you’re sporting what mother nature gave you or beautiful new dentures, you just can’t escape the need to brush! All dentures require this daily habit, as brushing removes food debris that can easily get caught and stuck under a denture. Removing debris prevents harmful bacteria from having a source of energy to feed on, and when bacteria are less active, their inflammatory attack on oral tissue is reduced. It’s important to use a brush specifically designed for dentures, as most ‘regular’ toothbrushes are not made for acrylic. Using a denture brush will prevent the denture from becoming scratched, which creates further areas for bacteria (plaque) to hide. Since plaque forms on dentures just like regular teeth, brushing at least twice a day helps remove this sticky substance and prevents mouth odors associated with an overgrowth of bacteria.

  • A Good Soak Does Your Dentures Good

You know how good it feels to soak your tired, sore muscles at the end of the day?  Well, imagine how refreshing it feels for a hard working denture that’s been chewing food and creating a great smile. Soaking your denture in a product recommended by your denturist is a great step in ensuring all microorganisms are killed. Though you may be brushing your dentures, you can’t always see and remove every small trace of plaque and food. Letting your dentures sit in a special soak means that every surface of the denture remains free from organisms that can stain teeth, weaken the denture, and cause bad breath. The other bonus for removing your denture every night to soak is that your sore gums and jaw bones get a well-deserved rest, and any sore spots have a chance to heal.

  • Stay Away From Foods That Stain

Just like real teeth, dentures are also prone to darkening and staining when exposed to certain food groups. That glass of red wine and daily cup of java can dull a denture over time, but if you’re diligent with brushing and soaking your denture, surface stains should be easily removed. To make sure your denture is always looking its best, try to brush after eating foods, especially those with red and yellow spices, as these stains can quickly spoil a smile. Nicotine can also quickly dull even the newest of dentures, as the heat from tobacco makes denture material more susceptible to nicotine staining.



Need help keeping your denture looking and feeling good? Maintaining regular appointments with your denturist is a great way to ensure your denture not only looks great, but fits comfortably and functions well.  For more information regarding denture care, contact South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic today – 403.254.5000.