4 Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

The thought of wearing a denture can be overwhelming for some patients, especially when all they’ve heard is stories about how uncomfortable dentures can be and how difficult it is to enjoy food. Many of these myths are outdated, and when dentures are made correctly and precisely to meet a person’s individual needs, that denture usually feels and behaves just like natural teeth. That means eating normal food without having to puree or mash your favourites. But, for any Canadian who wants the closest thing to their natural teeth, the option of implant supported dentures is worth considering due to their heightened performance and longevity.

Implant Supported Dentures Feel More Natural

A traditional denture is supported by a ridge of bone that is present on the lower and upper arch. Overtime the ridge of bone shrinks due to the natural process of bone recession when natural teeth are no longer present. The lack of ridge can make it difficult for traditional dentures to stay in place, making speech and chewing a challenge. Implant supported dentures are able to create a more natural feel because the denture does not fit over jaw bone but actually attaches to the implants, creating a snug fit that gives patients the ability to go about their day feeling confident about their smile.

A Reduction in Sore Spots

A challenging aspect to wearing dentures is the possible formation of sore spots. This predicament is normal when a denture is new and gums are getting used to the pressure a new denture exerts. Inflamed gums can be expected in the first few weeks of wearing a traditional denture, but soreness is not so common with implant supported dentures as the denture rests on the head of the implants, and not gum tissue. This is a great bonus that helps keep gums in optimal condition.

Preserves Bone Levels

When natural teeth are lost, the normal response of bone is to recede as the body knows that the bone is no longer needed to support teeth. One of the benefits of implants is that bone level remains at a normal height which is important for denture wearers from both a functional and aesthetic perspective.  A normal jaw bone level gives a person a more youthful appearance and prevents a sunken-in look that tends to happen over time.

Improved Performance

One of the greatest benefits implant supported dentures offer is an increase in denture performance – especially when it comes to chewing. Because an implant supported denture is locked in place by attaching to the implants there is no movement and greater stability. This makes chewing food and speaking feel more natural and normal. Knowing their denture is attached to and supported by implants enables patients to forget all about their denture and get back to living life.

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