4 Denture Services That Will Make Your Life Easier

Everybody is busy, it doesn’t matter if you’re retired, busy gardening, golfing or a top executive who runs from one meeting to the next. There aren’t many people who have all day to lounge around, or hide indoors while their teeth are being fixed! Denture wearers are often challenged with how to get-by while teeth are being repaired or a new denture is being made. Add to the frustration the costs involved in making, fixing, relining, and adjusting a denture. Finding a denture clinic that offers services that make your life easier is important, that way you’ve always got something to smile about.

Same Day Repairs and Adjustments

Who wants to drop-off a denture and then try and make it home without running into friends? no one! The team at South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic understand that service doesn’t stop once the denture is made, but is needed throughout the lifespan of the appliance. We all know accidents can happen, and that includes mishaps with dentures that lead to emergency repairs. Being able to get your denture fixed in a day, while you relax in the chair, enables patients to deal with the unexpected with just a short interruption to their day. With advice on how to avoid breakages and how to care for your denture to maximize function and longevity, the team at South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic have got you covered.

Screening for Oral Cancers and Other Tissue Changes

Just because you don’t have natural teeth anymore doesn’t mean that exams and tissue screening is no longer needed. Oral cancer isn’t something anyone wants to have to deal with, but the reality is that it happens and can spread quickly when not diagnosed early. Implementing the use of the VELscope VX the denturists at South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic are able to quickly and easily detect pre-malignancies and other changes to oral tissue. Coupled with a physical exam of patients oral tissues, dental health can be enhanced with early detection and intervention. Visiting a denturist that cares for your denture and your oral health is important for optimal long-term dental health.

Off-site Denturist Services

Unfortunately not everyone is physically able to travel to a denture appointment. Lack of consistent care not only compromises the integrity of the denture but can lead to oral discomfort due to sore spots, inflamed bone, and jaw joint pain. Using a denture clinic that will visit onsite to a care facility can make a difference to a patient’s level of comfort and give a social boost to a person’s day.

Flexible Finance Options

Having a new denture made or having to cover the cost for repairs can be a stretch for some. Unexpected breakages and normal wear-and-tear of a denture can add up, often leaving a person with the tough position of having to go without teeth while they save for treatment costs. Flexible finance options can soften the blow of denture costs and provide an opportunity to never be without a great smile.

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