7 Reasons to Consider Non-Removable Dentures

Often it can be stressful enough thinking about losing teeth, let alone having to decide what type of appliance will be the best replacement. On the upside, you will usually have more than one option, enabling you to restore your smile and oral health to a level that gives you confidence and allows you to participate fully in life. For patients facing the choice of what type of denture that’s best for them, certain factors are given consideration – such as overall level of oral health, age of the patient and potential years of denture wear, past experience with a denture, and general expectations regarding appliance cost and longevity.

No Movement Creates Better Performance

Just like a performance car that hugs the road and provides superior comfort, a non-removable denture offers patients an opportunity to have an appliance that is the closest thing to their natural teeth – which means better chewing and biting force and less embarrassing or annoying situations when a denture moves or slips around in the mouth. So how does an appliance that has traditionally been removable transform to a semi-permanent, non-removable option? Thanks to advances in dental implants they are no longer only an option for replacing a single lost tooth, but can actually be used as an anchor for a denture to attach to.

How Does an Implant-Supported Denture Work?

Recent advances in procedures and technology has enabled patients to have more choices when it comes to implant supported dentures, as both removable and non-removable options are available. When selecting a non-removable denture several implants are placed directly into the jaw bone and after a certain period of healing a denture is made that attaches to the implants, creating a secure fit that prevents a denture from moving during function. Dental Implants are incredibly strong and can sustain the forces exerted during chewing and talking, creating a near natural feel and enabling patients to feel confident in both the look and performance of their smile.

If you’ve been struggling with a traditional denture or are about to get your first denture, here are 7 great reasons to consider non-removable dentures:

  1. Your new teeth will feel like a part of you – no more putting your teeth in a glass by the bed!
  2. Because your teeth are literally attached to you, eating and chewing becomes easier and more effective.
  3. You can feel confident about your smile thanks to the fact that no one will get to see you without your teeth – well, maybe your denturist!
  4. Your jaw joint has increased comfort due to the increased stability non-removable dentures create.
  5. You may just decrease your risk for sleep apnea thanks to the increased support your denture provides oral tissue.
  6. Having your dentures fall out during an important conversation will never happen – they are attached to implants that act as anchors.
  7. No more broken dentures! The risk of dropping your dentures and breaking them is completely removed.

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