Can Quick Brushing Every Day Keep Your Dentures Clean?

You can never overestimate the importance of properly taking care of your dentures. This involves a number of techniques and considerations, but one of the most fundamental habits is daily cleaning.

Keeping It Daily

Brushing will only keep your dentures adequately clean if you do it frequently and thoroughly enough. It’s usually recommended to brush after each time you eat, but if you find that sometimes you’re unable to fit in a brush following every meal, you should be cleaning them once to twice daily at the very least. This is one of the key steps to preventing the buildup of plaque on your dentures.  Once plaque has been in place for a certain amount of time, it begins to give off the substances that lead to poor oral health. If allowed to accumulate, it can lead to inflammation of your gums and more advanced issues such a thrush.

Being Thorough

Simply soaking your dentures in a solution when you go to bed at night won’t be enough to ensure that they are in good shape and that your oral health is on track. Remove your dentures and brush them extensively but gently with a soft-bristled denture brush. Which cleaning agent you use will vary, but it’s generally recommended to avoid abrasive or grainy materials so as to prevent scratching or wearing down surfaces. Be sure to rinse them completely and use a separate toothbrush when caring for remaining teeth or gums and other oral tissues.

Making Them Last

Daily cleaning isn’t just about removing plaque, it’s also about keeping your dentures in good shape so that you can get the most out of them. The better care you take of the ones you have, the more your investment will pay off. When brushing and rinsing, it’s recommended to set a cloth on the sink below where you hold your dentures. Having a soft surface in place in case of an accidental drop on the porcelain, will avoid the chances of cracks or other unfortunate damage. You’ll always feel more confident about your dentures when you know they’re being looked after with the utmost care and attention!

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