Denture Services for Assisted Living

Denture Services for Assisted Living – Calgary has a thriving senior community, which is why it’s so important to have proper denture care for seniors. While some of our patients are able to travel to our office, many live in assisted living facilities and find it difficult or downright impossible to make the journey. To remedy this, we provide on-site service and consultations at assisted living facilities.

Maintaining Your Quality of Life

As we age, our mouths age along with us. Our gums and bones shrink at a high rate, making denture teeth wear out quickly. Neglecting denture care can lead to a diminished quality of life. Mouths can become sore, food can become hard to chew. Many seniors would prefer not to revert to smoothies for every meal and end up bypassing proper nutrition entirely. Adequate denture care will ensure that our patients experience the best possible quality of life for as long as possible.

In the Comfort of Your Own Home

By making visits to assisted living facilities, we can come to our patients while they are in a safe space. Not everyone feels comfortable having their routine upturned, getting packed into a car, and going to a place full of strangers. Assisted living denture care means that our patients can experience treatment near to loved ones and friends.

Appointments that Fit Your Life

We appreciate that several factors can keep our patients from coming to us. Certain health conditions or even bad weather can prevent a trip to our office. Even attempting to organize transportation can be stressful. We want to eliminate all of that. An initial appointment with us in an assisted living facility will look much like a regular consultation. We will assess our new patient’s denture situation and discuss a recommended treatment plan.

Whether you or a loved one needs new dentures or to have their current dentures looked at, you can bet that our denture specialists will be there to help. Our patients and their families can feel assured knowing that they are getting quality care. Call us today at (403) 254-5000 to ask about our denture services for assisted living!