What Are Personalized Precision Dentures?

At South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic, we understand that dentures affect more than just your ability to eat. From self-confidence to overall physical health, dental prosthetics carry a large impact in our patients’ lives. That’s why it’s so important to offer personalized precision dentures.

The Personalized Difference

It is true that all dentures require some degree of precision, but personalized precision dentures take it a few steps further. Our denturists will take tooth material, size, and colour into consideration when building your dentures. Much of this is determined by your unique face shape and structure. It is then possible to customize your new teeth even more by adding in natural characterization such as slope and contours within the teeth. These elements all work together to make your dentures appear natural and attractive in your mouth.

The Two Step Process

The hallmark of personalized precision dentures is the two step impression process. The preliminary impression is a basic model. The second impression uses a slightly different tray which uses a technique called border molding. This allows the mold to reflect a more accurate and detailed model of a patient’s mouth. Regular dentures mostly require only the first impression and a denture specialist will build off of that.

Benefits To Keep You Smiling

This custom approach to dentures offers a wide array of benefits, ranging from the purely aesthetic to the effectively practical. Here are a just a few of the reasons that our patients love their personalized precision dentures:


  • Well Balanced Bite: That extra impression helps to ensure that the dentures will replicate a balanced bite. This will drastically cut down on the wear and tear that dentures normally encounter, making your dentures last longer.
  • Natural Smile: The personalized aesthetics mean that your new teeth fit your face. No one will be able to tell offhand that you even have prosthetic teeth!
  • Easier Adjustment Period: Imagine having a new set of teeth that feel and function just like real ones. This will not only help increase your chewing ability, but may ease the denture adjustment period altogether.


If you’re ready for long-lasting prosthetic teeth that look and feel natural, consider personalized precision dentures. Contact South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic today for a consultation, and let’s get you smiling!