Don’t Let Holiday Treats Ruin Your Smile

For some of us, the holidays are all about family, friends, and festive lights, and for others it’s the scrumptious morsels of delights that make this time of year extra special. We all know that reaching for a piece of cheese and fruit is probably the best way to control our waistline and limit our exposure to sugar-laden snacks, but the reality is that over the holiday moderation often gets thrown out the window, and all manner of tasty treats are consumed. So how do you protect your smile and your denture this December? Here are some tips to keep your denture in good condition over the holidays.

Partial Dentures and Natural Teeth

Not every Calgarian wearing a denture has lost all their natural teeth. There’s a large portion of denture-wearers who wear a modified appliance, otherwise known as a partial denture. Designed to restore a person’s bite and smile by replacing a single or multiple teeth with a removable appliance, a partial denture is often chosen by patients who either don’t want to cut down natural teeth to place a bridge or still want to keep all their options open for implant placement down the road. The advantage of having a partial denture is that it fits and functions well with a person’s natural teeth, but special care and attention has to be kept-up to ensure the health of teeth and the condition of appliance are maintained. Sticky, sugary treats that get stuck between teeth also cling to the clasps of a partial denture. This sticky mess creates the perfect environment for plaque to accumulate which irritates gum tissue and increases the risk of dental decay. Holiday treats that are consumed throughout the day put additional stress on teeth and appliances due to the constant exposure to sugars. Limiting the quantity of sugary treats along with reducing the amount of time exposed to sugars will help keep a denture and teeth healthy. This means rather than spreading out your holiday treats, it’s a good idea to eat them all at once and then rinse the sugar from your mouth with a cup of water.

Poor Fitting Dentures Don’t Do Well With Treats

Whether you’re wearing a partial, full, or implant retained denture, the one type of appliance that doesn’t stand-up well to treats is one that doesn’t fit well. A prosthetic that is loose, too large, cracked, or missing teeth just can’t handle the additional strain nuts, candy canes, dried fruit, and sticky chocolates exert. Biting through certain foods can be challenging even when your denture fits perfectly, but trying to eat nuts with an appliance that only fits on one side or that moves every time you open your mouth is no fun at all. At best, you’ll find it frustrating, and at worse, you’ve got a recipe for breakages and sore spots. If you’ve been meaning to get your denture adjusted, now’s the time to see your denturist to make sure your appliance is ready for the holiday treats and pictures.

Don’t Skip Cleaning Your Denture and Teeth

The late night holiday celebrations and a change to your routine can make you want to skip cleaning your denture and brushing your teeth. Try to keep your cleaning routine going throughout the holidays so that sticky food remnants are removed from your denture and natural teeth are free from decay-forming plaque.

Not sure if there’s time to have a new denture made for the holidays? Talk to your denturist today about having your best smile this December. Phone South Calgary Dentures at (403) 254-5000.