Don’t Wait to Get Your Dentures Fixed

Putting off denture repairs can cause much more damage in the long run than if you just had them fixed right away. Poorly fitted or cracked dentures can cause sores, impede your ability to eat or speak, or even become unwearable. The longer you put it off, the worse these symptoms will get and the more you risk needing a full denture replacement. Here are a few warning signs that your dentures require some professional TLC.

Loose Dentures

Loose dentures are no picnic. Suddenly eating becomes a challenge, and you could even develop sores on your gums. This looseness can come about for a couple of different reasons. The first is bone reabsorption. This is when your gums begin to shrink because they are no longer holding your teeth in place. This is a natural process and will happen at varying rates for different people. There’s no real way to avoid it except to stay on top of professional maintenance. The other reason is due to everyday wear and tear. While you can minimize the effects by being gentle on your dentures and following your denturist’s instructions, this will also come in time. 

If you are experiencing any of this, it’s time for a reline. A reline is a process wherein your denturist will reshape the inside surface of your denture so that it fits more comfortably. At South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic we offer same day relines. Often these can be completed in a short period of time!

Cracked or Broken Dentures

Cracked or broken dentures pose an even greater risk to a denture wearer. This is often a problem which can be identified immediately, and as such needs to be dealt with immediately. DIY repairs can completely ruin your dentures and simply removing them for a long length of time can cause your gums and bones to shift. 

Fractures, loose teeth, or any other type of break requires prompt attention. That’s why we offer repairs while you wait. This is a service that provides quick denture repair while you are at our office. 
The biggest reason you shouldn’t wait to have your dentures repaired is because you don’t have to wait! With these same day services, we can get you smiling again in no time. Don’t risk more pain or damage by putting it off, contact us today!