Do You Dream of a Picture Perfect Smile This Holiday Season?

The Holiday Season is traditionally a busy time – packed with visiting family, feasting, celebrations, and photo opportunities. If you don’t have the same passion for selfies and group photos as Kim Kardashian and find yourself inching to the back of the room in a desperate attempt to blur into the background, we may have the solution to help you want to show-off your smile. A person’s smile greatly impacts their self-confidence regardless of whether they’re showing natural teeth or a denture. People wearing old, stained, or ill-fitting dentures often suffer the same self-consciousness as those who live with broken, chipped, or decayed teeth –like you just don’t want them to be seen. And we firmly believe that no one deserves to go through life feeling like their smile is unattractive.

Gaining Back Your Confidence and Smile

If an old denture or missing teeth have you grasping for an excuse to avoid seeing people or attending parties over the holidays, you may want to give some thought to having a new denture made so that you can get your smile and confidence back. You may be thinking that you’ve left it too late. Often we meet Calgarians who feel they need to order their dentures weeks or months ahead of time, but the fact is that the team at South Calgary Dentures can have you looking and feeling your best for Santa in a matter of hours. Dentures-In-A-Day is a unique service offered to our patients who require a first or replacement set of dentures made in just 24 hours. Devoting clinic hours to seeing just one patient means that the back-and-forth of multiple appointments is removed and the undivided attention of our entire team enables a denture to be customized so that fit, function, and aesthetics are delivered – all in one appointment.

Can’t Live Without Your Denture?

Often a repair, adjustment, or tweaking of a denture means leaving your appliance with a denturist. Understandably, this is a real inconvenience as going to work or attending a social gathering is much more fun when you have your teeth. But what if a repair or adjustment could be completed while you wait in our office – meaning no time facing family or friends without your teeth and 100% customization of your appliance as you get to give your feedback on how it looks, feels, and functions.

Our denturists at South Calgary Dentures understand that the fast turn-around of dentures and repairs is always important to our patients, but this is especially true during the holidays. That’s why we’re open Saturdays and extended hours this December, so that all your holidays are merry and bright.

Contact us online or call us today at (403) 254-5000 to find out just how easy it is to have a great smile!