Have You Heard These Denture Myths?

Like any medical procedure, dentures have been the subject of many stories. These stories, however, may not exactly be true. As experienced denturists, we’ve heard all of the myths that surround our craft. On this week’s blog we are going to put some of those stories to rest, and share some honest-to-goodness truths along the way.


Dentures Last Forever

Dentures are seen as the Timex of teeth—they take a licking and keep on ticking. But dentures are subject to the same wear and tear that your natural teeth would face. Our mouths change over time, no matter how old we are. Retirement doesn’t mean everything stands still! In fact, our mouths change so much as we age that the fit and bite of dentures will absolutely be affected. In most cases, our patients need to have their dentures replaced every five to seven years.


Dentures Are Very Obvious

There was a time where this was absolutely true. But today’s dentures aren’t your grandma’s dentures. Dental professionals have worked for years to develop natural looking teeth that provide function, comfort, and a pleasing aesthetic. The only time someone may be able to tell that you have fake teeth is if you’re due for a refitting and your dentures aren’t sitting properly. As long as you keep on top of your cleanings and checkups, no one will be able to tell!


I Don’t Need Follow Up Appointments After Getting Dentures

Would you stop seeing your optometrist after you got your glasses? Would you stop seeing your doctor after they prescribed you cholesterol pills? Of course not! As we mentioned above, your mouth is constantly changing and your denturist needs to be able to make adjustments to your prosthetics along the way! If you have dentures, plan on seeing us at least once a year for checkups.

Dentures allow people who suffer from tooth loss live their best lives. It can be easy to get caught up in the myths, but luckily you have experts on your side! Contact us today to see how dentures can change your life!