Have You Worn Your Dentures Flat?

Dentures can offset many of the problems that come with ageing teeth. They can restore a person’s ability to eat and speak, while maintaining their facial structure. One thing they do share in common with natural teeth, however, is their inevitable wear and tear. Dental prosthetics may not deteriorate as quickly as your natural teeth, but they do require maintenance. Think of your dentures like any other tool you may use: a screwdriver or a sewing needle. Over time, it’s normal that these tools will wear down so that they aren’t as useful as they once were.

Living Their Best Life

The average lifespan of a pair of dentures is five to eight years, but that number is entirely dependent on the wearer and their unique situation. For those who want those dentures to last as long as possible (and who doesn’t?) it is important that they have regular check-ups with their denturist. This will help to pinpoint any impending issues and maximize the comfort and usability of the dentures.

A Natural Process

Dentures are worn down by eating and cleaning, but the base cannot adjust to the constantly shifting ridges in your mouth. This process will work away at your dentures, slowly enough that you may not notice. While this is completely natural, it can result in some pretty unsavory consequences if left unchecked.

Microscopic Changes

Worn down dentures will eventually cause your gums to flatten as well. This occurs because the bone is deteriorating beneath your gums. Bone loss is a silent process, often giving no symptoms while it is occurring. Your jawbone is preserved through the pressure of chewing, but once your dentures wear down too far, there is nothing to push against.

If you can’t remember the last time you had your dentures looked at by a professional, it’s time to come in for a check-up. Call the denture specialists of South Calgary Denture at 403-254-5000. We’ll help find ways to extend the lifespan of your dentures and, most importantly, the function of your mouth.