Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Dentures

Flopping into bed after a busy day without brushing our teeth is something we’re all guilty of. For patients with natural teeth the downside to not brushing or flossing is increased risk of dental decay and gum inflammation due to plaque left on tooth surfaces. Even for patients who no longer have their own pearly whites there is still a need to avoid hitting the hay without removing their dentures, as sleeping with an appliance is also a detriment to oral health.

Shortens The Lifespan of a Denture

Dentures might be sturdy, but they’re not foolproof, especially when it comes to dealing with oral bacteria. Just like plaque (bacteria) sticks to natural teeth and gums, it also accumulates on dentures, causing them to become slimy and smelly and weakening their integrity due to bacterial activity. No one wants to have to replace their dentures prematurely, and keeping them in tip top condition is a sure way to extend their life and performance.

Supporting Tissue Becomes Inflamed

Unlike a denture that is supported by implants, a routine partial or full denture sits right on top of gum tissue and is supported by underlying bone. Gum tissue normally would sit around the neck of a tooth but is never ever completely covered by a tooth or any other part of the mouth. When a denture is never removed gum tissue can quickly become inflamed due to the constant pressure exerted by the denture and the lack of exposure to air. Taking your denture out at bedtime gives oral tissues a well-earned break and gives you an opportunity to remove oral bacteria that may be stuck to gums.

If You Grind, Your Jaws Won’t Be Happy

Wearing a denture doesn’t exclude you from clenching and grinding – a habit that puts tremendous force on bone and joints. Waking with a sore jaw and joints that crack and pop is just another indication that dentures aren’t made to be worn 24/7 as overuse can cause issues for other oral tissues and joints.

Been wearing your dentures to bed? Make today the day you keep your dentures out when you sleep! Your mouth will thank you for it.

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