Immediate Dentures, Immediate Smiles After Extraction of Teeth

If you’ve recently been told that you need to have your teeth removed for dentures, you may be feeling apprehensive and overwhelmed. While it can be intimidating to think about having your teeth removed, dentures are actually an excellent solution to restore your beautiful smile and lifestyle again! Here are some of the benefits that will have you smiling in no time:

Ease with eating

Missing teeth can cause difficulty with eating and chewing. With dentures, you’ll be able to chew your food more easily and enjoy a wider variety of foods. You’ll no longer have to worry about biting into something too hard and hurting your teeth.

Improved appearance 

Dentures can improve your appearance by providing a full set of teeth that fill out the face and give it a more natural and youthful appearance. Without a full set of teeth, facial muscles can start to sag, but dentures provide support and help to maintain the facial structure. They will improve facial symmetry and can even correct an overbite or underbite. Dentures fill out the cheeks and lips, helping the facial muscles to look more natural and making the face look younger. 

Improved self-confidence

Having a full set of teeth can make a huge difference in the way you feel about your smile and your overall appearance. Dentures can eliminate any social awkwardness you felt about having missing teeth. Additionally, they’ll make it easier to eat and speak, which can boost your confidence in social situations.

Improved oral health

Missing teeth can cause a variety of dental problems, which is why you’ll be taking a big step towards improving your oral health by getting dentures. They will help to prevent more serious oral health issues such as gum disease, cavities, and other dental problems. Wearing dentures can also help you keep your gums healthy and your mouth clean.

Improved speech

Dentures can help with speech by replacing missing teeth and providing a stable surface to help form words correctly. They can help to restore volume and clarity to speech that has been affected by missing or damaged teeth. Dentures also help improve the clarity of speech by providing a more even dental arch and helping to prevent the tongue from slipping between the teeth.

Many people feel anxious about getting their teeth removed, but the truth is that there are many advantages to getting dentures! You will be able to enjoy a better-looking and healthier smile, as well as improved oral health and confidence. Contact our friendly team today and let us help you enjoy a better quality of life and look your best!