Implant Overdentures – A Great Fit

While conventional removable dentures have come a long way and provide many patients with great results, sometimes it can take a little something extra to go above and beyond. Implant overdentures are the perfect example.

Downsides to Conventional Dentures

Some patients may find that the everyday removable dentures — whether partial or a complete set — just don’t cut it. This is often due to cosmetic concerns such as slipping and dislodgement, which can be embarrassing and difficult to deal with in and of themselves. The reasons go beyond cosmetic problems as well. There may be some ways that a conventional set requires you to avoid certain foods, and some patients also feel inclined to chew less thoroughly just to avoid displacing their dentures. It’s highly important to chew food as completely as possible in order to facilitate normal, healthy digestion and retention of nutrients.

Best of Both Worlds

Implant overdentures can provide you with an excellent combination of two distinct denture functions. They can be thought of as conventional dentures which are supported and stabilized by implants as opposed to adhesives. The metal implants behave as dental roots, anchoring your dentures by integrating themselves into your upper or lower jaw bone. Implant overdentures are particularly suitable for patients in need of dentures for their bottom teeth, but can be made for patients who need either a partial or complete set. They are often more affordable than fixed bridges, and their removability allows for more extensive oral care to take place, not to mention a potentially easier repair process.

The Importance of Stability

Having dentures that are properly and reliably stabilized can make a huge difference in your overall experience and everyday life. Not only do they give you the peace of mind to enjoy food and conversation without worrying about failing adhesive, they also stimulate your jaw bone in the same way the the roots of a natural tooth would. The great thing about this is that it helps to mitigate the resorption process characterized by bone loss, shrinkage of the jaw, and change in face shape that many denture patients experience over time. This means that you can have a high-quality, long-lasting denture solution while still looking and feeling like yourself!

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