Keeping Your Smile Even After the Holidays

It’s a new year, but chances are that you still have some bad habits you picked up over the break. The holiday season may have been hard on your dentures, but all hope is not lost! Follow these simple tips to get your smile back into shape, keeping your mouth happy and healthy for 2019.


Indulge In Denture-Friendly Foods

It’s no surprise that you should probably avoid that toffee left over from Christmas day. But aside from all the sticky, hard-to-chew, and tough foods you should be avoiding, what can you eat? This year, choose healthy foods that won’t only fuel your fire but keep you smiling. Raw vegetables, assorted cheeses, or mixed nuts are all great tooth-friendly snacking alternatives.


Snack Smart

Speaking of snacks, there are a few other factors that will help maintain your dentures. It’s downright silly to suggest cutting out sweets altogether, so instead form some habits around your sweet-tooth. Sugar can break down your dentures, so pair your treats with a meal and drink lots of water. This will help to neutralize acids and wash away food particles.


Keep Your Dentures Merry and Bright

At the end of the day, one of the most important parts of denture care is cleaning. If you’ve been slacking over the holidays, reinstate your oral care routine. Keep your teeth and gums brushed and rinsed at least twice a day.


Don’t Neglect Your Tune-Ups

Finally, make sure to book denture check-ups for the new year. Not only do we miss your smiling face, but your dentures need the love too. Many of our patients find that their dentures will loosen over the holidays due to all the delicious foods that they get to enjoy with family. It’s important to pay attention to these signs and keep up with your adjustments so that you can avoid any pain or discomfort from ill-fitting or broken dentures.

Start 2019 off on the right foot and give us a call for a denture tune-up today!