Loose Dentures Driving You Crazy?

There’s no escaping the fact that eating, speaking, and drinking with a loose denture can seem like torture! Lots of movement but not much to show for your efforts and often a mouth that reveals sore gums – that’s what living with a loose denture can be like. But the reality is a denture that no longer fits optimally is quite a common occurrence, especially if you’ve been wearing the same denture for several years. Changes to bone structure are noted over time and the natural aging process also impacts how well your denture fits as each year goes by, causing people to look for solutions to create a more comfortable fit and better performance.

Can Dentures Be Tightened?

During the life of your denture you can expect some changes to happen, from a broken clasp on a partial denture to a change in the way a full denture fits and feels. For the most part these are normal and expected occurrences that can be remedied quickly. An ill-fitting denture probably causes the most frustration to patients due to the resulting inability to chew food and speak effectively. When your denture is new you can expect it to become a little loose once the initial swelling of tissue from tooth extraction has healed. Your denturist has probably already prepared you for this and let you know that an adjustment and reline is normal in the early days. But what can experienced denture wearers do about a loose denture?

Why Does a Denture Become Loose?

Over time a denture becomes loose due to the natural aging process and associated resorption of jaw bone. Bone resorption is a normal response that all denture wearers can expect to experience as time goes by, causing the base of the denture to not fit snugly against the gum tissue and resulting in excessive movement during use. In some cases a person’s bone structure has changed so dramatically that the denture no longer fits in the mouth and is so large that food becomes trapped underneath, and eating is nearly impossible due to increased movement.

An ill-fitting denture is hard to live with as quality of life is impacted.  Talk to the denturists at South Calgary Dentures about treatments that can create a more snug fit and options for a new denture. If you’re contemplating having a new denture made, ask about implant retained dentures for superior fit and comfort.

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