Maintaining Good Oral Health With Dentures

If you read our last blog on preventing damage to your dentures, you probably know that good oral health plays an important role in keeping them in great condition. This time, let’s find out how exactly you can keep oral hygiene strong while keeping your dentures in mind.

Why It’s Important

Even if you take great care of your dentures, it’s still highly important to take care of the tissues in your oral cavity and prevent common complications. If you don’t take your dentures out every night, for instance, you run the risk of developing sores, swelling, or other problems with your gums, hard and soft palates, and other areas. Oral thrush, for instance, is a fungal infection that can affect denture wearers if proper oral hygiene is not carried out. The development of issues like these can also have an effect on the fit, comfort, and durability of your dentures, so don’t forget that everything is closely connected!

Gums and Other Tissues

Firstly, dietary and other health considerations should be made. Smoking and eating foods high in sugar or yeast will always take a toll on your oral health. When you remove your dentures, use a soft brush or even a wet cloth or gauze on your gums and other oral tissues. Be thorough but gentle, removing plaque while avoiding irritation and damage. From the inside of your cheeks to your tongue and upper palate, everything should be cared for. Rinsing with a mild saltwater solution is also sometimes recommended, so be sure to ask your denturist and your dentist for more tips. Don’t forget to keep the dentures clean too!

Your Teeth

Do you have full dentures or only a partial set? If you have natural teeth remaining, brushing and flossing them is just as important as ever. It can be easy to get distracted and focus too much on caring for your dentures and oral tissues, letting yourself get behind on the health of your teeth. Visit your dentist and denturist regularly and closely follow their recommendations for how often you should brush and floss as well as what dental care products are best for you. The more attentive you are to your oral health, the more beneficial your dentures will be!

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