Need New Dentures? There’s Still Time To Get a New Smile Before 2018!

Each year seems to race by faster and faster, and our to-do lists just seem to get longer and longer! If getting a new denture made has been on your to-do list, you still have time to get a new smile before we welcome in 2018. Calgary Denturists at South Calgary Implant and Denture Clinic understand the need to not only look great for holiday pictures but to also be able to enjoy family meals without unwanted discomfort and frustration of dealing with an ill-fitting prosthetic. Their schedules leading up to the holidays can accommodate last minute adjustments, and they can even fabricate new dentures fast so you will look good and feel confident in time for Christmas.

Worried Your Denture Will Break?

If you’ve been babying your denture because of a small crack or loose tooth, then it might be time to either see a denturist for a repair or have a new denture made, so you can enjoy the holidays without the fear of your denture breaking. Being proactive about having a denture adjusted or modified helps prevent unexpected breakages, and it ensures the fit and comfort of the appliance is optimized. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a sore spot when you’re away visiting friends and family. A great fitting denture keeps your attention on having fun with your family– not worrying about inflamed gum tissue. If you are planning on being out of town over the holidays, it’s a good idea to see your denturist for a check-up and adjustment before you leave to avoid unwanted discomfort during your trip.

Need a New Denture Fast?

Having a new denture made doesn’t have to take forever. At our clinic, it can be a surprisingly fast and efficient process because our clinic focuses on patient care and comfort. The team at South Calgary Implant and Denture Clinic strives to provide a level of care that reduces patient inconvenience by offering special treatment solutions such as ‘dentures in a day’ and ‘while you wait’ adjustments. These patient-focused solutions reduce the amount of time a person is without a prosthetic and get you smiling quickly and comfortably.

Ready to have a new denture and smile before the end of the year? Call the team at South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic today – no referral required (403) 254-5000.