Is There a New Denture in Santa’s Bag For You?

Tired of dealing with a denture that no longer fits properly or performs poorly? Self-conscious about broken or missing teeth? Here at South Calgary Dentures, we believe that no one should feel the need to hide their smile or avoid eating their favourite foods. It’s never too late to have the smile you’ve always wanted and the level of comfort you deserve with a custom denture. Maybe Santa can’t deliver a new denture by the end of the year, but the team at South Calgary Dentures sure can! Just book an appointment, and we’ll have you smiling in time for the holidays.

There’s Still Time to Get a New Smile

Nobody wants to be sitting around the dinner table, surrounded by heaps of delicious food, and unable to eat due to ongoing tooth pain. Toothaches are never fun, but over the holidays, they can be especially frustrating due to a culture of feasting with friends and relatives. Unfortunately, there are simply few options available to help deal with sudden and acute tooth pain. Often removing the problem is the only permanent option. If it’s been recommended that you remove decayed, infected, or broken teeth and replace them with a denture, now might be the right time to act. Plus, by calling now, you may be able to take advantage of remaining dental benefits before the end of the year.

Eating Is so Much Easier With a Denture That Fits

Already dreading Christmas celebrations and the thought of having to eat with a denture that no longer fits properly? An ill-fitting denture is probably the number one concern of denture-wearers, especially when it comes to being able to eat with confidence and enjoy a varied diet. A denture that rubs, moves with speech or eating, or has become too large for the mouth due to changes in jaw bone levels can no longer provide essential fit and performance. This causes the wearer to miss-out on the taste and flavours of holiday foods and to have to manage sore gums due to unwanted friction from a slipping denture.

South Calgary Dentures Can Help!

There’s still plenty of time to have your perfect smile this Christmas, thanks to the friendly denturists at South Calgary Dentures who understand how important it is that you look and feel your best. Extended hours over the holidays mean that unexpected denture mishaps can be fixed quickly and last minute decisions to have a new denture made can be accommodated. If your denture has to be made prior to a new benefit year to maximize remaining insurance coverage, the team at South Calgary Dentures can make it happen. Contact us today for a consultation online or by phone at (403) 254-5000.