Options Available For Choosing the Perfect Shape and Size of Your New Smile

Your smile needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that in order for dentures to be successful, customization is key. In past articles we have discussed the different types of oral prosthetics we offer. This week, we are going to take a look at the options available to achieve the most natural-feeling and looking dentures possible. From tooth shape to gum colour, you will be surprised at how much detail goes into your smile!


Making a Good Impression

Taking an impression of your mouth involves more than just what your teeth look like. Your denturist will need to determine your facial curvature, the degree of wear on your teeth, and other considerations before choosing the correct mold to base your dentures off. Accurate impressions are key to well-fitted dentures. A good denturist will explain the process to you and why they are choosing particular molds.


What’s the Right Material?

Once the impression has been translated to a stone model, it’s time to choose the kind of teeth you would like in your new smile. Over the years, several different materials have been preferred in the construction of materials, but in this day and age we have found that acrylic resin offers the best results.


Acrylic resin quickly became a favourite for many denture wearers and denturist, since it is easy to adjust for comfort. It may wear down faster, but a helpful denturist will be able to ensure that they see proper repair to avoid changes in bite or speech.


Applying the Finishing Touches

No dentures are complete without those final details such as tooth and gum size, shape, and colour. Teeth that are too white for your mouth will look obviously fake. Teeth that are too big for your mouth will affect your ability to speak and eat. Your denturist will need to choose these details carefully by using accurate measurements and knowledge of you. That’s right, they need to know you! Your genetics, lifestyle, and age are all factors that affect your smile. As such, these will all need to be taken into account in tooth and gum design. For example, rounded teeth will look softer than square teeth. It all depends on how you want to look and what your mouth needs to function properly.


Denture design allows you to have a natural looking smile that provides you with the best quality of life possible. From the material to the shape, the size to the curvature, there are several ways to personalize your dentures. If you think you may need dentures and want to talk to the professionals, call our denture experts at South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic today for a free consultation and assessment!