Signs Your Dentures Aren’t the Right Fit

There are many benefits to having dentures, being able to eat, speak, and smile are just a few of them. For our South Calgary patients, having dentures means maintaining their quality of life, and often even improving it! For those who are edentulous, or near-to, having dentures is an obvious solution. Like any prosthetic, it’s important that they fit correctly, or else all of those benefits are moot! Knowing when to come in for an adjustment is a vital step in making sure your dentures are doing what they’re made to do. Here are some obvious and not-so-obvious signs that your dentures aren’t fitting quite right. 

Difficulty Speaking

Teeth are integral to making certain sounds. Just try saying “my thumb was pricked by a thorn on Thursday” without your front teeth. If your dentures are too far forward or too far back, those same sounds can be challenging to pronounce.

Difficulty Chewing

Another obvious symptom of ill-fitting dentures is not being able to chew properly. Of course chewing will feel a little different and even sore for the first while after getting dentures, it should never be outright painful or impossible. 


One of the less conspicuous side-effects of a bad fit is the sudden onset of headaches. Dentures that are too tight, too loose, or not structured to fit the unique curve of your mouth can apply pressure in areas that can trigger a headache. After all, it’s all in the same area of your body! 

Irritation and Sores

Adjusting to a new set of dentures will involve a certain level of soreness. However, the appearance of sores is a huge red flag that not everything is where it should be inside your mouth. Sores and irritation are not only annoying, they can affect your ability to eat and speak, increasing the risk of getting an infection in your mouth.

Poorly-fitted dentures are generally pretty easy to spot if you pay attention to the above warning signs. Our mouths are so unique that it can take a couple of tries before finding the perfect fit. That’s why it is so important to work with a denturist with an onsite denture lab and a friendly demeanour. After all, you’re going to be seeing a lot of them! If you live in the Calgary area, let us help you achieve the perfect smile. Contact us for a consultation today!