How A Soft Liner Can Make Your Denture Feel Like New

Just like natural teeth come with maintenance needs, so do dentures. Having a denture relined is a normal expectation as tissues remodel over time,  making the fit of a denture less than perfect. As with different styles of dentures, there are also varying forms of relines. Each one is designed to improve the fit and comfort of a denture. If you’ve been thinking that you need a new denture, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that a reline may be all that’s required!

Why Do Dentures Need To Be Relined?

Denture relines are a normal and expected procedure. Estimated to be done every two to three years, a reline is required when a denture no longer fits the contours of gum tissue and bone levels. We all know that bodies change and the mouth is no exception. The levels of gum and bone tissue change due to natural aging, weight loss, further tooth removal, illness, and the resorption of bone and gum with long-term denture wear. With changes to jaw bone and gum tissue comes a tendency for dentures to become loose and not fit snugly in the mouth. A denture that moves during functional movements such as eating and speech can not only be annoying but also cause sore spots due to constant friction.

What is a Soft Denture Liner?

A soft liner is shock absorption for a denture. Used in both upper and lower dentures to help cushion bone and gum tissue against the inside of a denture, a soft reline enables a person to continue wearing a denture even in situations when significant bone loss has occurred and where gum tissue has remodelled after years of denture wear. Made from medical grade soft polymer, a soft liner is applied directly to an existing denture creating a softer, more cushioned fit that can slow the progression of gum and bone loss. Suitable to be used with dentures that are in good condition, a soft reline is used to enhance the fit and feel of one that no longer functions optimally and is effective in reducing discomfort in mouths that have minimal gum tissue over bony ridges.

How To Care For a Soft Liner

As with all removable dentures a denture that has a soft reline does need to be removed at bedtime so that it can be thoroughly cleaned. Brushing a soft liner should be done with a brush that won’t damage material but is capable of removing food debris and plaque.

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