Most dentures are made of acrylic resin. While acrylic offers a relatively flexible, aesthetically pleasing fit, on its own it can be very fragile. General wear and tear over time or an accidental drop could easily crack the acrylic dentures. Once cracked, they will need to be repaired. However, the traditional repair process actually reduces the original denture strength by up to 40%. That means a fragile oral prosthetic that could break again at any time. Many denture wearers will just accept this reality, but there is a way to achieve stronger dentures. In this week’s article, we will explore a product that could change the way you look at denture strength forever!

FiBER FORCE – A Viable Solution

When it comes to fragile prosthetics, it only makes sense to add reinforcement.  Choosing a material that will strengthen without adding bulk can be a fine art. That’s where FiBER FORCE comes in. This product is an ultra-thin, lightweight fiber mesh reinforcement. It is custom built for each denture then bonded within that denture. These specially treated fibers will chemically bond to the denture base’s acrylic resin, something that cannot be said of metal reinforcements. 

Denture Reinforcement

The most common use of FiBER FORCE mesh is in denture reinforcement. In cases where your dentures fit well but keep breaking, you have a harder bite than average, or your dentures are relatively thin, you may want to consider FiBER FORCE dentures. The fibres that make up the mesh have an extremely high tensile strength and are much more elastic than heavy metals. These characteristics ensure that your dentures are much stronger than before while simultaneously having the elasticity to absorb the regular impact of your jaw biting down.  

Denture Repairs

Not a one-trick-pony, FiBER FORCE has a number of other applications than just reinforcement. One of these is its use in denture repair. As mentioned above, traditional repair methods only serve to weaken the denture significantly. FiBER FORCE has the opposite effect. A study was done to discover just what the difference was. They found out that denture acrylics repaired with FiBER FORCE ended up three times stronger than the original acrylic. 

FiBER FORCE is a way to make your dentures more resilient and longer lasting. If you’re curious about if this product is right for you, talk to our denture experts at South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic today! With our onsite lab, we are very familiar with FiBER FORCE and how it can be incorporated seamlessly into dentures. Contact us here