Supporting Mom as She Gets Her Smile Back

Gets Her Smile Back – As we get older, it can be hard to admit that our mothers are getting older too. If your mom is getting dentures, don’t look at it as a reminder of her age, but rather an opportunity to return a little bit of the love and consideration she has given you over the years. In honour of Mother’s Day, here are some small ways you can show your appreciation to dear old mom if she’s decided to invest in dentures:

Be There by Her Side

Any type of medical procedure can be unsettling if you are going in alone, even dentures. If you are able, take a couple of hours off of work to drive your mom to and from her appointment. Just being there for her during this procedure will mean the world. Think back to all of the times that she drove you to practice or missed work to be there when you needed her.

Pick Up the Slack

Just because mom went in for a procedure doesn’t mean that her chores have gone away. Take some time to tidy up her living space. Whether that’s doing dishes or sweeping the floor, you know she will appreciate the effort. If you know she’ll be tired afterwards, wash her linens and have a nice, clean bed ready for her when she gets home.

Cook Up Some Love

The day after the dentures have been installed can make eating a challenge. Dentures definitely take some getting used to, and some people have a hard time getting the nutrients they need during that adjustment period. Do your mom a favour and prepare some healthy easy-to-chew food. Yogurt, mashed veggies, and broth are all great foods to start with. For a nice treat, pick up her favourite ice cream.

Have a Heart to Heart

Talking with new dentures can be equally as challenging, so it’s important to practice, practice, practice! Over the next few days, find some time to call or visit mom. Not only will she enjoy the company, but it will help her get used to speaking with her dentures.

Your mom has been with you through a lot. If she is getting dentures, take some time out of your busy schedule to be there for her. After all, we owe our moms a lot, and what better time to show her how much you care than now? Dentures don’t have to be stressful; contact us today for a consultation.