Tips To Keep You and Your Denture Healthy This Summer

The lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us, full of day trips, getaways, BBQs, and family visiting, and hardly a spare minute to think about your dental health. Making it through the summer without any denture problems just takes a little advance planning, as seeing your denturist before you head off into the sunset for a long-planned vacation can ensure that your denture remains healthy all summer long.

Check In With Your Denturist Before Leaving On Vacation

It sounds really simple, but a quick check-up appointment with your denturist before you head out of town is the perfect opportunity to have your denture adjusted and your appliance checked. If you’ve been ignoring a sore spot or feeling that your denture isn’t fitting comfortably, seeing your denturist before your vacation will prevent unwanted pain and discomfort or an emergency visit to a denturist while you’re away.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Pack Your Spare Denture

Just like packing a spare pair of glasses, remembering your spare denture can come in handy – especially if you’re visiting countries where tummy bugs are common. Sudden vomiting can cause a denture to become dislodged from the mouth and end up in a toilet or similar ‘grungy’ receptacle. Fishing it out might not be possible, or tempting, so having a spare denture on hand means you still get to have a great vacation.

Don’t Forget Your Denture Cleaner and Fixative Cream

Feeling confident means your denture is snug and won’t move while you’re enjoying yummy summer treats. Including a fixative cream in your packing is a good idea if your denture is feeling loose and you don’t have time to arrange an appointment with your denturist prior to your vacation. Applying a fixative cream creates suction so that a denture fits tightly in the mouth – and can help prevent sore spots from a loose denture. If your denture is always loose it might be time to talk to your denturist about a soft reline to increase fit and function.

Though you may be on vacation and collapsing into bed each night after some great adventure, try to maintain the daily habit of cleaning your denture so that the appliance remains free from irritating bacteria and food remnants. Continuing to take your denture out at night while away will not only give your gums and jaw bone a chance to breath but also provide the perfect opportunity to clean the appliance.

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