Top 5 Reasons to Choose Non Removable Dentures

Technology designed to improve the aesthetics and function of a smile has greatly impacted the world of natural and replacement teeth in the past ten years, and is witnessed specifically in procedures and appliances centred around the use of dental implants. Once considered to be an exclusive treatment option, only offered to patients missing single teeth – the placement of dental implants has expanded to include patients missing several natural teeth, to those who are edentulous (missing all natural teeth) and already wearing a denture. Combining the use of implants with dentures has enabled patients to achieve superior comfort and stability along with a level of confidence that comes with an implant supported denture.

Is A Non Removable Denture Right For You?
When faced with the option of choosing a non-removable denture it’s helpful to understand what’s involved with this form of appliance compared to others. Not all dentures are created equal as each type is designed to fulfill a specific goal for a specific patient. From a partial denture designed to replace one or several teeth, to a full upper or lower denture that is made to be removed at bedtime – choosing the right denture involves understanding the advantages that are unique to each one. A non-removable denture clearly offers a very obvious advantage – the fact that it’s non-removable and designed to remain in the mouth – functioning much like natural teeth. But apart from this one clear advantage, there are a few others that provide patients with a better smile and functioning bite.


  • No more nighttime removal
    This pro may not seem that much of an advantage – but if you’re someone who battles with embarrassment associated with having to remove your denture at night – this advantage can make life seem way easier. No glass at the side of the bed, or mug in the bathroom holding a soaking denture – with non-removable dentures they get to stay in your mouth even during the night.
  • No more brushing your denture over the sink
    Maybe taking a denture out to clean it is an ok option for some patients – but for those who worry about dropping and breaking their denture while cleaning it may enjoy the ease that comes with brushing teeth as normal – while they’re still in the mouth. With a regular toothbrush and paste a non-removable denture can be easily cleaned to both look, and feel great. Tablets and liquids designed for soaking a denture are not required.
  • No more denture adhesive
    If you’re tired of always having to place adhesive under your denture to ensure a firm grip – a non-removable denture completely eliminates the need for all forms of adhesive. The very nature of a non-removable denture means it’s not moving – regardless of what you eat and how excitedly you cheer for your sports team. The risk of your denture being dislodged doesn’t exist.
  • No more avoiding your favourite food
    This advantage is probably the most impactful as food is no longer the enemy, but something to enjoy and savour. With a traditional denture some foods are hard to chew adequately – making mealtimes stressful and the resulting indigestion painful. Non-removable dentures are able to exert so much more force during chewing – meaning steak is back on the menu and meals are something to look forward to.
  • No more sore spots or painful gums
    Unlike a traditional denture that sits directly on gum and jaw bone; a non-removable denture sits on top of the implant – preventing pressure being exerted on oral tissue and reducing the risk of sore spots developing. The reduction in pain enables patients to go about their day looking great and feeling an increased level of comfort.


Non-removable dentures may just be the closest thing to natural teeth and are available at South Calgary Denture and Implant Centre. Call today for a consultation and find out if an implant supported denture is right for you – 403.254.5000