What Causes a Denture to Break?

Broken or cracked dentures aren’t just uncomfortable, they can drastically impact your quality of life. Left unchecked, they could lead to sores, infection, or completely render your dentures useless. Well-made oral prosthetics are designed to put up with a certain amount of stress, but even so, there are a number of ways that they can break. In this week’s article we are going to explore the three main causes of denture breakage and how you can avoid them. 

Improper Fit 

Even if your dentures fit perfectly for the first few months, it’s not unusual for your mouth to change shape. This happens because there are no more dental roots keeping everything in place. While this is a perfectly natural phenomenon, dentures that don’t fit are much more likely to break. 

Solution: As soon as you start feeling that your dentures are too tight or too loose, schedule an appointment to see your denturist. They will be able to make adjustments as needed, without needing to completely replace your dentures in many cases. 

Accidental Dropping

No one wants to admit it, but many people are guilty of dropping their dentures. Most of the time, it’s on the bathroom floor or in an empty sink. The harder surfaces of your bathroom will almost always win out against dentures, resulting in cracks and breaks. 

Solution: When removing your dentures, make sure it is above a soft surface in case they slip. If you are over the sink, fill it up with some water to break a potential fall. If you are over the counter, place a thick towel over the surface. 

Wear and Tear

While the other two items on this list tend to happen quite quickly, wear and tear does damage over time. Natural factors, such as chewing and temperature shifts, slowly work away at the hard surfaces of your dentures to weaken them. Eventually, your dentures may crack or break.

Solution: Attend all of your scheduled appointments with your denturist. You should be going at least once a year to have your dentures checked. That way the professionals can take a look at your dentures and make necessary adjustments and recommendations.
Dentures are a lot like a vehicle—preventative maintenance is much easier than breakdown maintenance. Follow the above tips to keep your smile at its best. In the case that you do experience breakage, don’t wait to get it fixed! Call your trusted Calgary denture clinic at either of our locations right away! Mahogany: 403-475-5001 or Sunpark: Phone: 403-254-5000.