Why Are Dental Implants So Popular These Days?

Dental bridges step aside, there’s a new kid in town: dental implants. Implants are simply artificial teeth with titanium roots inserted into the jawbone. These incredible insertions are growing in popularity for a few very good reasons. Here are a few of the benefits our patients rave about the most.

Enjoy All the Foods You Ate Before 

Unlike other types of dentures, implants are anchored into your jawbone. This offers significant stability for your new teeth. That means you can eat and speak without worrying about false teeth jiggling around or breaking. In terms of functionality, implants act and feel like your natural teeth. 

Implants Are a Near-Permanent Solution 

With the proper care, dental implants can last up to 25 years! That’s a quarter of a decade you won’t have to worry about replacing your implants. Proper care simply means practicing good oral hygiene, coming in for checkups, and a few other health factors your denturist can discuss with you. This long prosthetic life-span equates to a high success rate with predictable results. 

Preserve Tissues for a More Natural Facial Structure

Dental bridges require the surrounding teeth to be altered. This creates a heavier load on the existing teeth. Implants aren’t connected in the same way. Because of this, they preserve natural teeth, reduce bone resorption, and even restore jawbone structure. Over time, this helps to maintain your facial structure without needing additional procedures. 
It’s clear to see that dental implants are a great option for those suffering from tooth loss. Additionally, as denture technology advances, implants have become more affordable than ever before. If you’re considering dental implants in the Calgary area, consider South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic. After all, it’s in our name! Call us for a consultation at either of our Calgary locations to get started.