Why a Denture Clinic is Considered the Perfect Place to Get Dentures

Whatever the cause of your tooth loss, tooth replacement solutions such as dentures are considered by Canadian public to best done at a denture practice for a number of reasons. Denturists are highly trained professionals licensed in designing, constructing, repairing, fitting and adjusting dentures. Having studied for multiple years in an accredited Canadian Institutions, denturists focus on both clinical and laboratory skills, allowing them to be fully immersed in the denture process from start to finish. Because their training is focused specifically on dentures, they work solely with denture patients and have the specific expertise and knowledge to handcraft each denture to suit patient’s unique situation.

Dentists vs. Denturists

Dentists are health care practitioners who work with a variety of patients and work on a large range of dental and oral issues. When working with dentures, dentists do not usually make the dentures themselves. They or even their office staff take dental impressions and send them to a dental lab where a technician makes the set of dentures without ever meeting the patient. This  process involves outsourcing the actual denture work to a third party and like in any real world situations there are often issues caused by communication errors, non-efficiency, and even quality of craftsmanship. 

Denturists, on the other hand, provide denture services directly to the patient in their practice. They are formally trained and licensed with the experience and education to provide patients with customized and durable denture solutions. To do this, denturists perform an oral examination and evaluation of the patient’s mouth, teeth, and gums. They take very accurate dental impressions with custom trays, fabricated to cater to your denture needs, that are used to create custom dentures that have unique fit for each patient. After the denture is constructed, they ensure it fits the patient’s mouth and make adjustment as needed. They are also qualified to perform services such as repair, realignment, and adjustments directly in their clinic. Because denturists have the knowledge, equipment, and materials right in their clinic to develop dentures from start to finish, visiting a denture practice has become an obvious choice for Canadians seeking removable tooth replacement solutions.

Benefits of Visiting South Calgary Denture & Implant Clinic

Improved Aesthetics

We take great pride in creating dentures that look and feel their best. From the moment we meet our patients, to when we take accurate custom impressions, to fitting and adjusting the dentures, we ensure the construction of beautiful dentures that provide a confident, aligned smile for all our patients. 

Compassion and Understanding

We understand that tooth loss can be emotionally challenging and upsetting. Our patients have often expressed embarrassment and discomfort before they found the proper solution at South Calgary Denture & Implant Clinic. We strive to not only provide you with the best possible tooth replacement solutions, but we also treat all our patients with genuine compassion, understanding, and care.

Custom Solutions

Because of our in-depth training and expertise, we are able to find solutions for unique and complex situations, including complete dentures, partial dentures, dentures on dental implants, and custom solutions that cater to your unique needs. Our denture specialists ensure that we construct and fit your dentures to best suit your individual needs.

One-Stop for all Denture Solutions 

Check-ups are recommended at least once a year, where denturists will examine your oral health and inspect your dentures for damage or worn out teeth. Mouths naturally change with gums shrink with loss of bone as we all age, therefore dentures may become less comfortable as the fit changes over time. At South Calgary Denture & Implant Clinic, we have the equipment and materials to fit, adjust, or repair dentures directly in the clinic.

If you are looking for customized denture solutions to replace missing teeth, visiting South Calgary Denture & Implant Clinic will ensure you are working with denture specialists who know the ins and outs of constructing, inserting, and repairing dentures. Our patients are our first priority, and we strive to ensure you receive the best quality service and denture solutions. Get in touch with South Calgary Denture & Implant Clinic to schedule a free consultation with our team of denturists!