Why Wax Try-Ins Are Vital for Your Dentures

Building your dentures is a task that we take very seriously at South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic. We understand that dentures don’t just affect your smile, but your ability to eat and speak as well. A prosthetic with this much responsibility deserves to be done diligently. One way that we ensure your dentures fit perfectly is by using a wax try-in. In this week’s article we are going to discuss why this is such a vital step in fitting your dentures.  

What Are Wax Try-Ins?

Wax try-ins occur right before your dentures are built. While the teeth in your try-in will be made of regular denture materials, the gums will be made of wax. This is because the fit of the dentures depends on the prosthetic gums’ relationship to your mouth. Your denturist will evaluate the shape and placement of your try-in, marking the wax as needed to make note of any adjustments. 

Your Denture Preview

This step isn’t just important for your denturist, it’s a great opportunity for you too! Here is where you get the feel of your dentures and are able to express any concerns you may have with their fit. Think of the experience in the same way you’d go for a dress or suit fitting. Not only does the seamstress have to see the clothing on your body to make adjustments, but you are able to see it as well. How does it feel, can you move in it, is it flattering? These are all questions you want to consider during your wax try-in as well. 

Get the Smile You Want

The process doesn’t take long, but it is a step that we never miss. Wax try-ins are the blueprint to your dentures. It’s much easier to make adjustments in the wax than it is to make changes to fully built dentures. 

Attention to detail is just one way we give you the best smile in town! If you come to us to get your dentures, you know that we won’t cut any corners to help you achieve a better quality of life through oral prosthetics. Call us today for a consultation at either of our locations!