Helping Dad Adjust to Dentures Faster

June is the month where we honour our fathers. Some of us may remember all of the sacrifices they made to help us out, others may be more familiar with their inexhaustible cache of corny jokes. Either way, our dads are a large part of our life. It only makes sense to set aside some dedicated time to return the love. If you dad is getting dentures for the first time this month, we’ve got some excellent ideas on how you can be there for him. Here are three gift ideas that your dear old dad will be sure to love.

Quality Time

In our busy lives, it can be hard to slow down and just be with the ones we love. This Father’s Day, make an extra effort to be there for your dad. Getting dentures can make some of our patients nervous, and you could be there for him by driving him around for his errands or appointments.

Stories from the Past

We are willing to bet that your dad has lived a pretty amazing life, chock-full of stories. Spend some time helping him practice speaking with his new dentures and listen to the stories he’s told dozens of times before. That practice is integral to quick adjustment and comfort in new dentures. And who knows, you may learn something that you never knew before!

Home Cooked Meal

Your dad may shy away from eating out if he’s not yet comfortable eating in public with his new dentures. So forget the fancy reservations and dine in for the night. After all, nothing is better than a home cooked meal with family. Make food that is soft and easy to chew. Your dad will appreciate that he can learn how to eat with his dentures in a safe space.

Those are just a few ideas of how to give back to the man who gave you life. From all of us here at South Calgary Denture to all of the hard working dads we know, Happy Father’s Day!