Prevent Bacteria Build-Up on Your Dentures

Having dentures isn’t a free pass to give up on the regular maintenance of your oral health. You should be cleaning your new teeth just as much as your old ones. In fact, dentures create new places for food particles to hide. It’s important to clean your oral prosthetics thoroughly and regularly. Failure to do so can result in gum disease, irritation, and even fungal infections. Here are some tried and true methods to help prevent bacteria build-up on your dentures.

Remove and Rinse.

After you eat, take a moment to pop out those dentures and give them a good rinse. This will wash off small food particles and ensure they don’t get trapped between your denture and your gums. 

Keep Your Mouth Clean.

When you rinse your dentures, don’t forget to rinse out your mouth. Just because you may not have as many, or any, natural teeth left, doesn’t mean there aren’t places that bacteria can hide.

Brush Daily.

Does this advice sound familiar? It should! Brushing your teeth is an important part of maintaining oral health. Make sure to take out your dentures and clean them with a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive cleanser.  

Soak Overnight.

Always take out your dentures overnight and keep them in a cleaning solution. This gives your gum tissues a chance to breathe while the cleaning solution works to keep your dentures fresh. 

Keep Your Appointments.

Wear and tear will naturally occur over time. This creates the opportunity for cracks in your dentures to occur and collect bacteria. Attending your regular appointments will help you and your denturist stay on top of your denture health. 
All of these tactics should be used in combination with one another. If you have a soft lining on your dentures, check with your denturist before incorporating the above into your routine. This lining is easily damaged and your denturist will be able to suggest safe alternatives. For more tips on how to keep your beautiful new smile, check out our articles. If you’re in the Calgary area and you think you may need dentures, contact either of our locations for a consultation!