The Benefits of Same Day Dentures

The denture process can be a long one. It involves multiple appointments and adjustments that you’ll need to fit into your schedule. For some, this process just isn’t realistic. That’s why we offer same day dentures. Here at South Calgary Denture and Implant Clinic, we call this service Dentures In a Day.

How Does It Work?

This exclusive VIP service is available for our patients who have lost their dentures, broken them, or just don’t have time for multiple appointments. Our staff will dedicate an entire day to you, ensuring that you will have your new dentures by the end of that 24 hour period. Because we gather all our resources for you, the result will be complete dentures, ready for insertion.

Boost Self Confidence

Aside from taking a load off of your schedule, same day dentures can also take a load off of your mind. Being without teeth for any length of time can discourage you from attending social events or going about your normal routine. Even trips to the grocery store can become stressful and awkward when you don’t have your teeth in. Our same day denture service will ensure that you’re not missing out on anything.

Supportive, Just Like Us

Your teeth primarily help you to chew and speak, but they also support your facial muscles. Without dentures, cheeks and lips tend to look sunken. Too long without dentures and your facial muscles will start to compensate for the missing support. This could make it difficult to adjust once you finally do get your new dentures. Same day dentures bypass these problems by significantly cutting down the amount of time you will be without your prosthetic teeth.

Maintaining your confidence and your smile are top priorities for our denture specialists. Same day dentures are just one of the ways that we want to ensure you have the best possible denture experience with us. If you’re interested in how same day dentures could benefit you, call us today at (403) 254-5000.