Why Should I Get Immediate Surgical Dentures?

If you are having your natural teeth extracted and having dentures put in, immediate surgical dentures may be right for you. They help to consolidate a few steps of the denture process without sacrificing quality or comfort. Because of this, they differ from regular dentures in some important ways. Here’s everything you need to know about immediate surgical dentures:

What Are Immediate Surgical Dentures?

The basic concept of these same day dentures is exactly what it says on the tin: you get your dentures immediately. As teeth are removed, artificial denture teeth replace them immediately post-extraction. This means that the impressions are made long before your extraction.

Why Not Just Wait?

The other option is to have your teeth removed and wait until your mouth has fully healed before getting your new dentures. Healing time takes approximately 8-12 weeks. Once all healed, impressions will be taken and dentures will be fabricated. This means that you will not have teeth during healing, and will have to wait until your dentures have been made before you can start eating and smiling normally again.

How Will I Benefit?

Aside from not needing to go without teeth for any length of time, same day dentures also come with several other advantages.

  • Support Oral Musculature: The human mouth is not designed to be toothless. Having those teeth replaced immediately helps to maintain your oral musculature.
  • Diminish Swelling: Having teeth overtop of the gums will help to reduce post-surgical swelling.
  • Create a Barrier: Your new teeth will work to protect your gum tissues and reduce bleeding.
  • Speak Sooner: With dentures in right away, you can begin talking and working at developing your speech patterns.
  • Eat Faster: You won’t have to wait at least 8-12 weeks before you start eating solid food. Once the swelling goes down, you’ll be able to begin introducing more foods.


Immediate surgical dentures can help you get back to normal quicker than if you waited. If you are interested in same day dentures, call us today at (403) 254-5000 for a no-obligation consultation!